Self Care Sundays

Find the best stress releasing and sleep inducing products for you. During Self care Sundays we provide you with the information you need to make an educated decision and choose the products to help you make your home feel like your wellness sanctuary.

Mindful Mondays: Meditation for Beginners

Learn how to get the most of your day and your life by incorporating daily meditation into your schedule. This class will provide you with the basic tools to take time for yourself to get centered and focus on what matters most: your mental and physical well-being.

Naptime Tuesdays: Fifty Percent all Naps scheduled 24 hours in advance

You need a nap! You know it, I know it. And now you have a space to take it. Come join us at ReJuve Rejuvenation Suites every Tuesday for half-priced nap sessions. Simply reserve your discount and we will contact you with available times and options left.

Corporate Wellness Wednesdays

Reserve 6 rest sessions for employees in your office and get each session for only $15. This includes our deluxe and premium rest suites too. It’s up to your team to decide who gets upgraded but no matter what suite you get, everyone gets a luxurious rest experience to help them navigate the rest of the day.

Spa Day Saturdays

The event will offer healthy bites and drinks and also feature a bath salt bar to customize your very own bath salt to take home and indulge. The entire experience will reach new heights of pleasure, relaxation, and enjoyment with companions and new friends. Experience ultimate luxury where we will offer a specialized spa menu.

Grand Opening of ReJuve: Rejuvenation Suites Pop Up

Eventbrite – The Nap Lounge presents Grand Opening of ReJuve: Rejuvenation Suites Pop Up – Friday, November 1, 2019 at 108 N State St – 3rd Floor Pop Ups, Chicago, IL. Find event and ticket information.

Find your Peace: Essential Oil Workshop

This virtual class includes a set of essential oils, an explanation of their uses and an overview of 1 recipe to help you get immediate usage out of your set. Sign up early to ensure you receive your essential oil set by mail in time for the class.